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Your Emergency Card vs. The Others

IronClad Family Card Others
Made with unbendable Metal
Made with plastic or PVC
Includes lifetime option to link the card to your Health Directive
Not an option
Designed to be visible within any wallet
Hard to spot within wallet
Bundle with Medical ID wrist band with personalization
Must purchase & personalize separately

We Test Every Product

All We Think About is Family Privacy & Security

Every IronClad Family product is tested and certified by a cyber security professional in one of the IronClad Family labs.  Nobody else offers such in-depth testing of a product advertised to protect you. We do! We take our time and filter out the fake ones, so you won't have to!

As cyber security professionals as well as parents, we know what needs protection and how to protect it.  We apply that knowledge on all IronClad Family products and services. We stand by it! 

IronClad Family Round Decal Approved - clean

Our Mission

To Protect You and Your Family

IronClad Family exists to give your family the security and confidence of knowing that your assets are protected, and your future wishes are known. We know that protecting information is only part of the solution; peace of mind comes from knowing your loved ones will receive the answers they need, when they need them. We are constantly offering more ways to protect tangible and non-tangible assets applying the same disciplines we have had as cyber security professionals to the new offerings.


Our Expertise

100+ Years' experience Combined in Cyber Security

The IronClad Family team is a group of highly skilled cyber security professionals who understand how to protect your information. We apply the highest standards of quality assurance for our physical products and for our software, apply patented zero-knowledge encryption algorithms to prevent un-authorized access to your information. With 100+ years of experience combined, are you assured to receive the most secure offering to protect your family.