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Don't Leave Them Searching for Answers!


We will Organize, scan and upload all your important documents into protected online vaults, then help designate future recipients, even help setup your will, funeral plan and personal wishes!

Get Your Own Family Protection Planner


Let Us Help Protect Your Family

WE WILL SECURE your most important information inside fortified vaults for future delivery to loved ones as follows:
  • Help Setup Online Will Documents
  • Help Setup Final Wishes & Funeral Plan
  • Include Financial Accounts
  • Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet's Private Key
  • Protect NFT's
  • Upload Legal Documents
  • Upload Personal & Business Information
  • Upload Photos and Videos
  • Add Instructions/Video Message for Special Wishes
  • Unlimited Encrypted Vaults
  • Delivery of any Vault Content to Anyone You Designate
  • BONUS: Get 2 Wallet Emergency Cards w/ link to heath directive.
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We've Developed a Powerful Security Platform Making Sure Your Wishes Are Known by Encrypting Everything that Matters Inside Fortified Vaults Scheduled for Delivery to Loved Ones When Needed While Easily Accessible on Demand from Anywhere.

We Include Everything You Need!


  1. We will send you a FedEx envelope with two-way delivery and tracking to ensure your documents are tracked and safe.
  2. We will organize, scan and upload all your documents such as life insurance policy, will, Crypto, Financial accounts and anything else important to you into your own locked encrypted vaults.
  3. We will help setup your Will.
  4. We will help setup your funeral plan.
  5. We'll help you setup personal wishes videos.
  6. We will designate future recipients of your information (when, who and how).
  7. You are getting LIFETIME Protection of all you information and assets inside your encrypted vaults. 
  8. Your documents will be returned in a fireproof waterproof pouch for protection at home.


Our Experts Will Do All the Planning for You

Family Blue Family Focused


We'll Organize, Scan & Upload All Your Important Assets & Documents:


Designating these important documents not only ensures that your affairs are in order but also relieves the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time and provides them with the guidance they need to honor your wishes.



Ipad financial accounts




Codicile to LWAT copy



Legal Blue Legal Documents


We Help Setup Your Online Will & Funeral Plan:


Providing you with an online last Will and Codicil wizards to simplify the complexities of estate planning, healthcare directives, and power of attorney, making it accessible to everyone.

Control Blue Protect Finances


We'll Protect Your Crypto Wallet, Bank Accounts & Other Financial Assets:


Secure your crypto wallet, bank accounts, and other financial assets so loved ones know where everything is in case you were not around. Don't leave them looking for answers.





Roman woman zero-knowledge 1


Security Blue Enhanced Security


Your Information Is Encrypted Then Locked Inside Digital Vaults:


Safeguarding Your Sensitive Data with our Zero Knowledge Encryption so nobody can see your information but you and your recipients.  Unbreakable Encryption and Fortified Custom Vaults.


Card Blue Emergency ID Cards


Get 2 Personalized Emergency Wallet Cards W/ Link to Health Directive:


Our exclusive Personalized Wallet-size Emergency Cards that not only provide crucial information in case of an accident for medical services to know who to contact but also come with a unique feature - a direct link to your Health Directive. 









tablet perspective - Scheduled Delivery



Calendar Blue Delivery as Directed


Setup Who Gets Your Information and When as You Designate:


Determine who receives what information and when.  You can have unlimited vaults each with its own designated recipients guaranteeing that the right information reaches the right hands at precisely the right moment. 


Advanced Security Creates Peace of Mind

You work hard every day to protect loved ones. Make sure they have access to information essential for the family's survival anywhere.

  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption: Not all encryptions are equal. Unlike cloud storage, we cannot read information you upload. 
  • Unlimited Vaults: Use passphrases to lock information inside virtual vaults, then access, update, and share with family members.
  • Intelligent & Interactive: Designate who can see the information and schedule delivery of that information to loved ones if you desire.
Trust Guard Security Scanned
 Our site is security scanned daily to ensure your information is protected. 

Lifetime Protection of ALL Important Assets

WAS $1499.99  ...

Now with 20% Discount Already Applied!

$449.99 Initial Payment


$60/mo. for 12 Months

Enjoy dedicated planning with our experts, lifetime asset protection, and assured delivery of your directives to chosen recipients.

  • We will scan and upload your documents, by category, into your new digital vaults. ($2500 value)

  • Setup unlimited Vaults, multiple individual recipients for each
  • Ship personalized emergency cards for 2 adults w/ link to heath directive ($40 value)

  • Help setup your online Will ($1999 value)

  • Setup your funeral plan ($999 value)

  • Designate recipients of every information and when it can be shared as you instruct us to
  • We pay for FedEx both ways to ensure your documents are tracked and safe

  • Your documents will be returned in a fireproof waterproof pouch for protection at home ($50 value)

  • LIFETIME protection of important information inside encrypted vaults with auto release to loved ones in case of an emergency ($3000 value)


Life is Busy! This Will Be The Best Decision You Make for You and Your Family!


Should our service not meet your expectations entirely, we will not only refund your payment but also gift you the fireproof document pouch initially intended for the safe return of your documents.

Burden Off Our Chests!


"We didn't know where to start or what to do, but their planners uploaded everything and even helped us add our son & daughter to each vault as future recipients."

Jack & Amy W.