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Let Us Help Secure Your Assets!

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You want to protect the people you love by making sure they have access to essential information they'd need; organized in one place, securely accessible anytime ...

But maybe you're busy, or maybe you simply need someone to help get you started!

Protect Your Information in Your Own Secure Digital Vaults Accessible from Anywhere

Family Blue Family Focused


Organized By Essential Aspects of a Family's Life





Security Blue Enhanced Security

Your Information Is Encrypted Then Locked Inside Custom Vaults


Control Blue Full Control

Protect Your Crypto Wallet, Bank Accounts & Other Financial Assets








Legal Blue DIY Legal Documents


Will, Health Directive & Power of Attorney Wizards Included


Card Blue Emergency ID Cards

Personalized Emergency Cards W/ Link to Health Directive Included







tablet perspective - Scheduled Delivery



Calendar Blue Delivery as Directed

You Decide Who Gets What and When

And Now, We Will Do It All for You!

Our Security-Aware Staff is Ready to Help!


  1. We will send you a FedEx envelope with two-way delivery and tracking to ensure your documents are tracked and safe.
  2. We will scan and upload your documents, into your new encrypted digital vaults. 
  3. Your documents will be returned in a fireproof waterproof pouch for protection at home.


1  IronClad Family will automatically deliver your important information to designated recipients based on date, death or incapacitation.
2  Lawyer-approved online estate planning documents (will, health directive, power of attorney) are provided for you as part of your subscription.
3  A wallet-size health card is mailed to you with emergency contacts, health issues and a link to your health directive for limited access by EMS services and health providers.

We've Helped 100's of Customers Like You Kick-Start their Family's Protection Plan!


Early Bird Pricing ..

$ 298.00 One-Time-Payment

Includes the first-year subscription to your unlimited secure vaults (then $99/Yr.  starting the 2nd year).

PLUS all of the following:

  • We will scan and upload your documents, by category, into your new digital vaults

  • All-inclusive price includes your first-year subscription ($99 value).1

  • Unlimited Vaults, multiple individual recipients for each vault
  • Personalized emergency cards for 2 adults w/ link to heath directive ($40 value)2

  • Estate plan legal documents included ($199 value)3

  • Designate assets and liabilities with instructions on how to manage either
  • Include access instructions to websites and social media accounts
  • We pay for FedEx both ways to ensure your documents are tracked and safe.

  • Your documents will be returned in a fireproof waterproof pouch for protection at home ($30 value)

  • Includes personal coaching for 14 days

We Include Everything You Need!

CENTRALIZE & SECURE your most important information, including:
  • Unlimited Vaults
  • Delivery of any Vault Content to Anyone You Designate
  • Built-in Estate Documents
  • Include Financial Accounts
  • Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet's Private Key
  • Protect NFT's
  • Upload Legal Documents
  • Upload Personal & Business Information
  • Upload Photos and Videos
  • Get Personalized Emergency Cards for 2 adults' w/ option to link to heath directive.
  • Add Instructions/Video Message for Special Wishes
  • Our Ironclad Family Coaches will be available to support you after your initial setup.

Burden Off Our Chests!


"We didn't know where to start or what to do, but their planners uploaded everything and even helped us add our son & daughter to each vault as future recipients."



And Get the Peace of Mind Knowing Your Information is Secure, and Loved Ones have Access to Everything They need in One Place. 

Start My Protection Today!
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