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Help Them Secure What You Helped Them Build

Strengthen Client Relations
Elevate Your Service
Set Your Business Apart
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Ipad financial accounts

My father passed away in 2005, and he thought he had everything laid out where we would find it.

It took me 5 years to close probate. Because there were life insurance policies, deeds to houses where the company had been bought, and it was merged with another.
How could I possibly unravel all of this?
And I thought... it would have been so nice if all this would have been in a vault.
Howard S.
Los Angeles, CA.


Attract, Engage and Delight More Clients

Use our high-tech family protection solution to build trust and affinity with your current clients while improving lead generation with differentiated value.

What do you do with your digital assets

Financial Advisors

Prevent client financial loss. Set them up with the security tools they need to protect their financial assets from loss, hacking or unexpected life events!


Employee Benefits

Empower employers to stand out in the marketplace by helping them offer their employees more benefits that keep up with the digital times!

Our Platform - Your

Offer this Valuable Asset Protection Platform to Your Clients Free for Them Forever


Become Their One and Only Advisor

Help clients with all their family planning needs long term!

Simplify Family Protection Planning for Your Clients

An intuitive, friction-free process helps your clients secure their legal, financial, healthcare and personal information in encrypted digital vaults. Intelligent life-monitoring capabilities ensure timely delivery to designated recipients.

  • Set up your personalized IronClad Family advisor account and dashboard.
  • Provide secure vaults to as many clients as you wish, at no cost to them.
  • Open a digital vault for each client containing their financial accounts.
  • Get notified when clients make any changes, so you can proactively check in.
  • As their delegate, help them designate the future recipients of their vaults.
  • Reach out to warm prospects using the recipient contact information provided.

We're Helping Agencies Offer Greater Value to Their Clients

Find out how IronClad Family’s innovative platform empowers disruptive and differentiated service.

Showcase Your Brand to Clients with a "Sponsored By" Display

Your clients trust you with their most important assets. When you help them centralize, protect and deliver the information that matters most with IronClad Family's intelligent cloud-based platform, you secure their peace of mind and your value to them. 


Custom Advisor Portal

View your full client list, as well as their progress and any recent activity, from your own agent dashboard. 


Encrypted Vaults

Ensure your clients’ assets are protected with unlimited digital vaults equipped with zero-knowledge encryption and secure passphrases.


Online Will & Codicil

Empower clients to create, notarize and secure important documents, like a living will and power of attorney.


Medical Cards

Stay top-of-mind for clients with your business information printed on their health and medical directive cards.


Family Protection Checklist

Make sure your clients protect all of their essential information, including photos and social media accounts.


Make Sure their Loved Ones Get the Information

Help clients automate the delivery of their important information to loved ones as they desire.

Mikkel Thorup_019-1

As a trusted advisor, I offer the IronClad Family service to my clients to protect their investments and build a relationship between myself and their family."

– Mikkel Thorup
Financial Advisor | Expat Money

Partner With IronClad Family

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can service your clients even more when you bundle IronClad Family with your business offering.