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14-Day Free Trial 

 Then just, 

$ 189 /Year

Includes all of these features and more ..

  • Upload documents by category such as personal, legal, health, financial and more
  • Protect finances such as crypto wallets, private keys and online bank accounts
  • Unlimited Vaults, multiple individual recipients for each vault
  • Designate who receives the information & when. We will deliver your vaults to your recipients if you were not around

  • Estate plan legal documents included ($199 value)2

  • Personalized emergency cards for 2 adults w/ link to heath directive ($40 value)3

  • Include "how to" access instructions to online websites and social media accounts with what you'd like done.
  • Your information is encrypted with Zero knowledge algorithms specific to you and your recipients so nobody else access it





 For a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay an agency, 

$ 1,499

Hire one of our planner specialists, plus lifetime protection of all your assets ... 

  • We will scan and upload your documents, by category, into your new digital vaults. ($2500 value)

  • Setup unlimited protected vaults, multiple individual recipients for each
  • Set-up your online Will & funeral plan ($999 value) 2

  • Ship personalized emergency cards for 2 adults w/ link to heath directive ($40 value)3

  • Setup when to release information inside of vaults as directed1

  • We pay for FedEx both ways to ensure your documents are tracked and safe
  • Your documents will be returned in a fireproof waterproof pouch for protection at home ($30 value)

  • PEACE OF MIND! (Priceless)

Pricing in USD. Free trials will not be billed until the trial period expires.


1  IronClad Family will automatically deliver your important information to designated recipients based on date, death or incapacitation.
2  Lawyer-approved online estate planning documents (will, health directive, power of attorney) are provided for you as part of your subscription.
3  A wallet-size health card is mailed to you with emergency contacts, health issues and a link to your health directive for limited access by EMS services and health providers.


Explore different collections & sale items.

  • Personalized Emergency Cards & Medical Bracelets
  • Stylish RFID-Blocking Wallets, Purses & Passport Holders
  • Fireproof / Waterproof Document Pouches & Organizers
  • GPS Trackers & Watches for Kids, Seniors & Pets
  • Self Defense Items


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best combination of products that I can chose for optimal family protection?

A family preparedness plan is essential for its survival. That is why the "PROTECT ASSETS" digital protection platform was created.  If you are comfortable using online tools to upload your files, assign them to specific vaults and associate each vault with family members who get to see that information, then chose the "Do it Yourself" plan. On the other hand, if you are not, then we are happy to get you all setup with the "We Will Do it for You" plan.  

Ultimately, you have full control, and we want to give you all the options to mix & match according to whatever your family needs. 

How much does your "PROTECT ASSETS" software cost?

The "Do it Yourself" plan costs $189 / Year which includes estate planning wizards, 2 emergency medical cards for you and spouse, unlimited vaults with much storage, all encrypted; and automatic release of the information based on any criteria you chose. 

The "We will Do it for You" plan is $1499 one-time payment. 

What happens if I have a vault set to deliver on a certain date but something happens to me before that date that renders me unable to maintain annual payments?

Our goal is to ensure that your information is safe and gets to your recipients as you have directed. If you have a vault set to deliver on a date, and your account was in good standing prior to something happening to you, we will continue to keep your vault secure and deliver it as directed. That is the heart of IronClad Family. You and your information are protected not only during your lifetime, but until the date that your vault is set to deliver.

What happens to my account if my payment fails?

At IronClad Family, protecting your information is our most important goal. If your payment fails, your vault and your delivery options will remain secure and intact while we reach out to you to ensure that everything is OK and to update your billing information.

Will IronClad Family bill me automatically every year?

Yes. We will also reach out to you annually to ensure that all of your personal information is correct and ask you to review your recipient information. If no changes need to be made, you don’t have to do anything, and your vault will renew automatically.

I’m an agent/advisor. What services do my clients receive from me?

With an agent/advisor account, you can provide an individuals and families account to your clients at no cost to them. They will have the same full features and options as a paying individuals and families subscriber.

Can you test new products?

If you like a product on the market, and not sure if it provides the security or protection it claims to do, contact us and fill out the form. We will be happy to test it for you and let you know what we find out.