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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best combination of products that I can chose for optimal family protection?

family preparedness plan is essential for its survival. That is why the "PROTECT" digital protection platform was created.  If you are comfortable using online tools to upload your files, assign them to specific vaults and associate each vault with family members who get to see that information, then chose the "Do it Yourself" plan. On the other hand, if you are not, then we are happy to get you all setup with the "We Will Do it for You" plan.  

The "DETECT" plan can be (and should be) combined with the "PROTECT" plan if you have kids and worry about their online safety. This tool gives you all the conrol needed to protect your child.

Lastly, why not "PREVENT" scammer intrusions, fire/water damage, medical related mistakes and losing track of loves ones, while still having fun shopping for the different styles. 

Ultimatelyyou have full control, and we want to give you all the options to mix & match according to whatever your family needs. 

How much does your "PROTECT" Digital Protection software cost?

The "Do it Yourself" plan costs $75 / Year which includes estate planning wizards, 2 emergency medical cards for you and spouse, unlimited vaults with much storage, all encrypted; and automatic release of the information based on any criteria you chose. 

You have an option to add personal coaching for 14-days to help kick start your protection plan. We are happy to help you meet your family protection goals.

The "We will Do it for You" plan is $299.95 the first year and then $75/Yr. after. 

What is a vault?

A vault is the digital container that is being encrypted and stored. Think of it as a physical time capsule. The subscriber can put digital possessions and important information such as life insurance policies, wills, health directives and video messages in that vault. IronClad Family locks the vault (encrypts it) and stores it until it is delivered to the designated recipients or beneficiaries.

How many ways can I lock my vault?

You will be required to lock the vault using your own passphrase (similar to a combination lock). You may also designate a passphrase or more for each recipient. You may enter a hint for each passphrase. Each recipient can unlock a vault using ONLY their assigned passphrases. You as a subscriber, on the other hand, can use any of the passphrases to unlock your vaults when using the portal.

How does my recipient know how to decrypt the information?

We provide a “Delivery Preview Link” that you and your recipient can use to make sure that when it is time to deliver the information, everything works. That means you would share the passphrases used to lock that vault with your recipient if you chose to.

What do I need to tell my recipient?

The recipient of your information doesn’t need to know ahead of time that information is waiting for them. IronClad Family recommends that your passphrase hints be chosen wisely to help your recipient in this case enter the correct passphrase. You may choose to let your recipient know ahead of time that there is information stored for them to access with IronClad Family but you are not required to.

What happens if my recipient changes their address, phone number or email?

IronClad Family will contact the subscriber annually to ask them to validate that the information we have on file is still valid. Children grow up and people move, therefore it is very important to update your recipient cell phone and email information so when it is time, they receive the information you designated for them.

What is the IronClad Family medical emergency wallet card used for?

As a member of IronClad Family, you are encouraged to upload your health directive and any other information needed by your health provider in case of an emergency. IronClad Family then mails and a life partner two cards to place in your wallets for medical services to have access to if needed. The card will only show your name, emergency contacts, allergies and blood type. It will also include a QR code that reads to a secure area where your health directive can be unlocked ONLY if certain information known to your provider is entered.

What is a delegate?

A delegate can either be an advisor, such as a financial or estate planner, or a family member, such as a spouse. Individuals can assign different delegates for each vault. 

Do you support two-factor authentication?

Absolutely. You may configure that under your "Edit Profile" menu selection and enabling the "Two-Factor Authentication" checkbox. Your cell phone number needs to be registered and verified with IronClad Family for this option to work. The first time you log in with IronClad Family, we ask that you update all your profile information, at which point you may enable this added security feature or choose to do that at a later time.

I'm worried about my data getting compromised. How secure is IronClad Family?

We care about your security. We encrypt your data at multiple layers, we do not store session cookies and since your vault is encrypted using your own encryption keys based on your shared passphrases/hints, we can never access the content of your vault. This is the way all encryption software should work. You can read all about the due diligence we put into making sure your privacy and security are protected by clicking on the Security link in the footer section.