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Everyone claims they care about security.

We Live it!

Government Level Security

IronClad Family was envisioned, designed, and built by security experts from the ground up. We use the most advanced encryption and security algorithms that far surpass the security used by many banks, credit cards companies, and even most departments in the Federal Government! 


Even we don't know what is in your vault

The best way to never reveal a secret is to not  know the secret.  We designed our system so that we never have access to your information. We do that using an advanced encryption technique called "End-To-End Zero-Knowledge Encryption", and we are the ONLY company of our kind that does this!

(Read our blog on what that means and why others don't compare.)

The Highest independent Security Scores

IronClad Family consistently scores higher than every other civilian web site in 3rd party, independent ratings of website security. In fact, only the CIA and FBI rank higher in security than we do.

Company Certs

Worldwide recognized Security Certifications

We don't just claim to know security, we've been in the security industry for three decades and have the certifications to prove it!

Rolling Data Integrity Checks

We use cryptographic "Hashing Functions" before and after every upload, download, transfer, or other operation to ensure that our data is never corrupted and is always exactly correct.


Geographically Dispersed "Hot Sites"

Your data is backed up in multiple sites that are always ready to take over if anything happens to the main site.  These sites are spread out across the United States so that an event that happens in one place (hurricane, tornado, earthquake) can't affect the other sites.  Your data integrity and confidentiality is our number one priority.

Compliant with All Major Security Protocols

Why pick one security standard, like HIPAA, to be compliant with? 

We comply with all of them! 

  • Europe's General Data Protection Regulation
  • California Consumer Privacy Protection Act
  • California Consumer Rights Act
  • and others!

We are even future compliant.  We conform to the American Data Privacy Protection Act (ADPPA) (H.R. 8152) that is has been proposed but not yet voted on in congress. 

We stay ahead of the game so you are never left behind!

ICF Compliance High Tech
OWASP Top 1010 600

OWASP Perfect!

We don't just test our web site.  We test all the way down to our source code.

The worldwide non-profit organization Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)’s list of the ten most common vulnerabilities, known as OWASP Top 10, is the gold standard that companies use to test their web site code. 

We test against:

  • Broken Authentication
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Broken Access Contol
  • And others!

Understanding Our Zero Knowledge Encryption

What IronClad Family is doing vs. "the other guys"

The Other Guys...

Mandatory  SSL Connection & Encryption After Reception

Insecure Other Guys


IronClad Family

SSL Enhanced with DNSSEC + Zero Knowledge Encryption 


What Our Customers and Those Who Test Us Are Saying

Trust Guard Security Scanned
 Our site is security scanned daily to ensure your information is protected. 

Try our Secure Platform Today!

Protect your family assets with zero knowledge encrypted vaults with automatic delivery.