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Prevent Client Financial Loss

Set them up with the security tools they need to protect their financial assets from loss, hacking or unexpected life events!



A Must Have Addition to Your Financial ToolBox


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Elevate Your Offering



A perfect companion to:

  • eMoney
  • Envestnet
  • RightCapital
  • AssetMap
  • MorningStar
  • G2Deals
  • And Others!

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Protect access to:

  • Crypto Wallet URL's
  • Access information
  • Recovery keys
  • Private keys
  • NFT's
  • Custodians






Ipad financial accounts



bank accounts icon in color navy blue with pure white background Financial Accounts


Itemize other finances:

  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Bank accounts and credit cards
  • Login information to online accounts
  • Special instructions


codicil and online will icon in color navy blue with pure white background Codicil/ Online Will


Legal Wizards Included: 

  • Codicil wizard for digital assets
  • Online Will wizard
  • Upload Living Will, Trust & Power of Attorney




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checklist of what to protect


family security icon in navy blue color with pure white background Protect Everything


Protect other assets:

  • Legal, insurance, health, social media and funeral wishes all protected.
  • Centralized access to the client's assets information from anywhere
  • Unlimited encrypted vaults

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We use zero knowledge encryption algorithms:

  • Even we cannot see what's stored in the vaults, neither can any 3rd party
  • Each client has their own encryption preventing mass hacking if one client is compromised



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Delivery of asset information to loved ones:
  • Assign different recipients for different vaults that can include different asset information
  • Designate who and when that information gets delivered
  • Options to deliver vaults based on date, manually or in case of an emergency such as death or inacapacitation

What separates you from other financial advisors?

Our Platform - Your


Strengthen Client Relationships

You’ve already helped your clients create and build their legacies. Extend their journey with you by helping them secure, centralize and manage important assets.

Communicate More Effectively

Communicate More Effectively

You’ll be notified whenever clients make changes to their digital vaults or family protection plans, enabling proactive communication about what’s most important to them.


Set Your Business Apart

Your competitors offer the same services you do. Digital family protection adds a differentiated value that only YOU can provide, helping you close new business faster.

Become Their One and Only Advisor!

  • Your own client dashboard to offer each client extra protection 
  • Your business brand in front of your clients after they leave
  • Notifications if anything changes so you have informed conversations
  • Build relationship with their next generation over the years
  • Join our Advisor referral network without any referral fees
  • Tiered pricing

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Offer Clients Centralized Access to ALL Their Assets, Not Just Financials!

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As a trusted advisor, I offer the IronClad Family service to my clients to protect their investments and build a relationship between myself and their family."

Mikkel Thorup
Financial Advisor | Expat Money

Ready to Offer IronClad Family To Your Clients?


Help Protect Families.

Grow Your Business!


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