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Welcome to the New Standard in Family Protection

A Complete Set of Products Designed to Protect You and Your Family from Physical & Digital Threats ... Right at Your Fingertips!

We Protect What's Worth Protecting

Safeguarding your loved ones from escalating cyber threats and information loss due to unauthorized access doesn't have to be daunting. We stand with you, providing a range of products and services designed to secure your family's safety, not just through a single solution, but through a comprehensive approach.


A Comprehensive Family Protection Mindset

 Security Products Specifically Designed to Secure All Family Matters...


Digital Protection

Achieve tranquility by guaranteeing that your loved ones can easily access vital information during emergencies. Our secure digital vault platform protects crucial documents such as financial accounts, insurance policies, banking information, legal documents, and personal directives. Just designate who should have access and the circumstances for it.


Physical Protection

Explore our stylish RFID-blocking wallets that safeguard your credit card information from scammers. Get emergency cards that hold vital life-saving details. For defense against fire or water damage, check out our certified fireproof and water-resistant document safes. Shop our GPS trackers offered in kids' watches, elderly devices with fall detection, and pet collars.

Security For All Family Needs

Protect All Your Assets For Now & Future

Ipad financial accounts

Security Platform for Protection of Family Assets

Don't Leave Your Family Searching for Answers

Ensure your loved ones aren't left searching for answers. Our advanced digital vaults safeguard your most precious information, including insurance policies, bank accounts, social media credentials, family photographs, estate planning documents, and special wishes, providing timely and secure access when it's most needed.

Looking for Gifts for Yourself or Family?

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Shop Physical Protection
Scanning back pocket wallet

Wallets, Purses & Passport Holders

$18.45 - $44.95

Don't let hackers scan your wallet for your credit cards or any sensitive information. An RFID-blocking wallet is the best way to keep your credit cards, passports and other documents safe from electronic pickpocketing.


Emergency & Personal Security

$19.95 - $29.95

Personalized with your name, emergency contacts, medical conditions & link to your health directive. Bundle with stylish medical bracelets as needed. Get a card for each family member! Bundle with camera detectors & anti-theft devices.


Document Pouches & Organizers

$12.95 - $60.95

A fireproof document organizer is the easiest and most cost-effective way to instantly protect your important documents. It is also water-resistant for protection against flooding or spillage accidents.

Group 37028

GPS Trackers & Watches

$59.95 - $69.95

Kids, seniors, and pets -- these stylish watches designed with security in mind. Senior watches/pendants come with fall detection & medication reminders. Use your cell provider sim.

We Test Everything, So You Don't Have to!

Our dedicated cyber security staff makes sure each product is manufactured according to high Security standards set by IronClad Family. It is then rigorously tested to make sure it offers the protection we say it does before it is offered to you!


Dedicated Security Labs and Staff

Product samples are dismantled, each layer examined against the expected threats by certified security professionals before it is offered by IronClad Family.


IronClad Family Certified

Once the product passes all of our security testing, it is given the IronClad Family seal of approval. Unlike others, we test and certify the products we offer.

Featured Review

"I have purchased many items from Ironclad Family, and they help my wife and I sleep much better every night knowing we are protected. While traveling domestically and especially abroad we feel at ease and much safer utilizing our RFID products. We love the fact that Ironclad Family is always ahead of The Wave progressively and 10 steps ahead of The Cyber-criminal’s minds and sinister hacking plots. Thanks so much for always being there for us. "
Dr. Gary Freudenthal 

What Family Members Are Saying


Amanda M.

Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can’t recommend them enough

David H.

No Subscription, no contract for my high energy Puggle's GPS tracker. I plugged in the sim card I got from my cell company, and we were good to go!

Sarah W.

Absolutely love shopping this store. Honestly, I care more about how it looks than whether or not it's safe. The fact that it does Block RFID is a bonus :)

Dad of 4

Finally! I'm glad I found your digital vaults. I've been trying to organize my documents for a long time, and this made it easy. Also, my wife liked that you sent the two emergency cards. That was a nice bonus!

Jaeda R.

Mom of 2

Peace of Mind! I always check things out before I give them to my kids. I like that this company checks it out for me.

Edward E.

Life Saver! The emergency card had my medical condition when I had an accident. EMS was able to get a hold of my wife immediately.

Diane C.

Mom & Daughter

No More Worrying! At first, my mother wasn't excited about the GPS tracker, but she got used to it and now she loves the security it gives her knowing I'm only a button away.

Hieu G.

Single Dad

I didn't want to pay for estate planner. Your legal wizards were so easy to use, it saved me a lot of money! Very happy.

Bessie C.

The cat tracker works with Bluetooth not GPS and the store explained how it works. I was worried anyway about hanging a heavy device on my kitty's collar, so this was perfect for both of us.

What Makes Us Different


Family Focus

We all belong to a family, whether now, in the past, or in the future. Our security offering is designed with your security needs in mind. We're the only company that offers protection products for all family members, kids, parents, seniors, and pets.


Safety Awareness

Every day we read about another data breach where our personal information was compromised. We use our experience as cyber security professionals to raise awareness so that it's more difficult for bad actors to succeed.

Roman woman zero-knowledge 1

Security By Design

We are driven by your right to security and privacy. We champion a security-by-design approach, not security as an afterthought. We're continuously testing products to make sure they meet that core principle.


Community Support

As a veteran-owned company, we know the sacrifices our troops make every day. That's why we support veterans & their spouses. We also support anti-child trafficking agencies with all our expertise and resources.

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