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S**T Happens! And that is why...

Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Fires, Oh My!

As I write this, Maui is on fire. It happened fast. Fire has destroyed complete towns. People fled quickly to save their lives, unable to even take the time to take most of their belongings.

Florida is still cleaning up after hurricane Ian. Everyone thought it was going to go north like the majority of other hurricanes did, but it didn’t. It took a last-minute turn leaving many unprepared. Many evacuated at the last-minute leaving everything behind, and much of it was destroyed.

Many people don’t want to think about it, but S**t Happens!  Are you ready for it?

There are some things you can’t prevent, and that makes some people have an almost fatalistic approach to preparation. It’s true. You can’t stop a car accident from happening. What you CAN do is prepare so that the damage is minimal. You put on a seat belt. You buy a car that has air bags. You put children in safety seats. None of that will stop the accident from happening, but those preparations can ensure that you will emerge with the most important things, your life and the life of your family and loved ones, intact and able to move on.

We’ve all experienced unfortunate incidents to some degree.  Some of us have experienced much more violent and unpredicted events than others, and most of us have taken some steps to ensure that the next time it happens, we’re more prepared.

And that is exactly why we started IronClad Family…

In this digital age, much of what defines us, our lives, our accomplishments, and even our memories are, or can be, in a digital form. Everything that our parents kept as paper can now be digitized, everything from a baby’s birth certificate, videos of their first steps, first bicycle, high school graduation, college graduation, and on and on. Likewise with our finances, no one has a “bank book” today. (Does anyone even remember those?) Finance is done online. House titles, car titles, 401K accounts, savings accounts, crypto currency wallets, and much, much more are all digital, and that’s a good thing!

Digital is good! Digital can be backed up. Digital can be stored in multiple locations at the same time so that if one copy is compromised the other copies are still viable. Digital can be accessed from anywhere. Digital can be sent to others, instantaneously, anywhere in the world, and you can walk away from any disaster knowing that your digital possessions and information are safe.

There is a dark side though. Digital can be hacked. Digital can be stolen. If not stored or backed up properly, digital can be easily destroyed.

And that is exactly why we started IronClad Family.

The easiest, most secure way to protect yourself, your family and your family’s future is to take just 30 minutes to scan and upload all of your important documents, photos, bank accounts, insurance policies and anything else you can think of into an ultra-secure IronClad Family vault that will automatically get delivered to those you choose if something happens to you or on a specific date. Don’t have time for even that? Then use the “Do It For Me” plan where you just FedEx us the documents and we scan them and set up your vault. Either way, you and your family are covered.

One thing is inevitable: S**t Happens. 

And that is exactly why we started IronClad Family. 

Now that you know that, when S**t does happen, what’s your excuse for not being ready?

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