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Financial Power of Attorney.

Does Your Family Know Who Handles Your Finances ...

If you were not around, or incapacitated?


Let us provide you with the reassurance of knowing that your financial matters are taken care of, even if you are not able to be present or make decisions. And the best part is, it won't break the bank!






Imagine the stress your kid, spouse or best friend would feel while digging through boxes or filing cabinets to understand and settle all your financial issues? By keeping things organized you can make it easier for them to claim benefits, get through the probate and close bank accounts. 

Here is where our vaults come in handy. Using our included Power of Attorney:

  1. Designate Power of Attorney to someone you trust to handle your affairs if you were incapacitated. Securely upload it in your vault and assign it to a recipient so we deliver it only when you designate.
  2. Store all your Financial Crypto passwords and other critical information in unlimited vaults.
  3. Lock each vault using our innovative methods where everything gets encrypted specially to you not anyone else. Access them as many times as you want anytime from anywhere in the world. 

When money is spread out across various accounts and inaccessible to family members, it places an unnecessary burden on them in times of need. Avoid leaving your loved ones in a state of confusion and uncertainty.

Our state-of-the-art encrypted digital vaults, combined with the convenience of a power of attorney wizard and a Will & Power of attorney with notary, present an effective solution. Safely upload and share crucial documents with specifically chosen recipients, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved.

  • Discrete Bank Account Entry - Protect your financial information easily. Enter the last 4 digits of your account number and banking institutions. Optionally, provide a URL and account access info for recipients like a spouse or financial power of attorney designee to view when they receive their vault.
  • Private & Secure - End-to-end encrypted vaults
  • Full Control - Control who can access information in your vault and when (if you choose to share it with anyone)
  • Not Just Limited to Finances - Store all your ID cards, policies, passwords, passkeys, wallets all in one platform with unlimited vaults.
  • Emergency Preparedness - We will custom engrave 2 Emergency Cards for you and a member with any medical instructions and option to link health directive.
  • Delivery to Designated Recipients - You decide who gets access to your vault at scheduled time in the future.
  • Unlimited Vaults & Recipients - Store unlimited amount of data, passwords, documents in unlimited vaults
  • Give each recipient a keychain tag with barcode - Especially made for them so they scan it and get access to information you designated for them to receive in the future if needed.

Give Keychain Tags to Each of Your Recipients for Future Access

Recipients can easily retrieve designated information by scanning a unique barcode from their tag or accessing it online with their passwords.


5 Reasons Why You Should Protect Financial Accounts w/ Power of Attorney in a Vault

durable power of attorney__IronClad Family

It’s Your Hard-Earned Money

Assuming a family member knows where everything is, what are the chances they will have the authority to withdraw, transfer, or make any decisions with your hard-earned finances without that power of attorney?

High Risk High Value Assets

Chances you have different bank accounts; one for mortgage, credit cards, loans and even investment accounts. How does a family member know where everything is in one spot?

Difficult Account Access & Recovery

Gaining access to bank accounts without authorized user status for your family members can prove to be quite challenging. In fact, there are certain passwords that are nearly impossible to recover. Therefore, it is vital to store them securely in an encrypted vault, accessible only to you and those individuals you specifically authorize.

Your Privacy Matters

Our vaults are end-to-end encrypted. Which means only you get the access to the information you save on your vault. For every vault, a dedicated key is generated which is only accessible to you or anyone assigned to receive it later in the future.

All Inclusive

We don’t just protect your finances, our Encrypted Vaults are the only platform that keeps ALL your digital assets, such as other tools’ passwords, insurance policies and other important documents safe, all in one place easily accessible for you from anywhere. 



Control Blue Protect Finances



Secure your crypto wallet, bank accounts, and other financial assets so loved ones know where everything is in case you were not around. Don't leave them looking for answers.









Security Blue Enhanced Security



Safeguarding Your Sensitive Data with our Zero Knowledge Encryption so nobody can see your information but you and your recipients.  Unbreakable Encryption and Fortified Custom Vaults.




Calendar Blue We Deliver


Full Control:

 Empower Yourself to Determine Who Receives What and When. Seamlessly manage and customize the dissemination process, guaranteeing that the right information reaches the right hands at precisely the right moment. 



tablet perspective - Scheduled Delivery







Legal Blue Legal Documents


Wizards Included:

A seamless and user-friendly experience, providing you with Will, Health Directive, and Power of Attorney Wizards to simplify the complexities of estate planning, healthcare directives, and power of attorney, making it accessible to everyone.

Family Blue Family Focused


Stay Organized:

Designating these important documents not only ensures that your affairs are in order but also relieves the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time and provides them with the guidance they need to honor your wishes.




Card Blue Emergency ID Cards



Our exclusive Personalized Emergency Cards that not only provide crucial information in times of need but also come with a unique feature - a direct link to your Health Directive. 






CENTRALIZE & SECURE your most important information, including:
  • Protect Financial Accounts by:
    • Designating a financial Power of attorney.
    • Giving them access information is a secure vault for future delivery.
  • Protect Crypto & NFT's
  • Share passwords with others or only store for your reference.
  • Unlimited Encrypted Vaults
  • Delivery of any Vault Content to Anyone You Designate
  • Use Built-in Estate Documents
  • Upload Legal Documents
  • Upload Personal & Business Information
  • Upload Photos and Videos
  • Get Personalized Emergency Cards for 2 adults' w/ option to link to heath directive.
  • Add Instructions/Video Message for Special Wishes


Customer support__Ironclad Family

With an IronClad Family subscription, your notary needs become our top priority. Our dedicated team is here to notarize all your legal documents, providing a seamless and efficient service for you and your entire direct family. Whether it's documents for you, your spouse, siblings, parents, or children, we've got you covered.



  • You will have all legal documents needed for an estate plan which meets the needs of about 75% OF Americans.
  • We will notarize them for you. Remote Online Notary (RON) is recognized by almost all states.
  • You upload the notarized documents in your unlimited vaults while keeping the physical copies at home.
  • Assign each vault to recipients as you wish with a delivery date or if you weren't around (or manual). 
  • We will deliver the contents of your vaults as you designate. 




Experience the Benefits of Our Family Protection Plan with a Complimentary 14-Day Free Trial.
Then, only ...
$ 189.00 /Year.

Which will always include all of the following features ...

  • Protect different types of crypto wallets and upload NFT's.
  • Designate who receives the information & when. We will deliver your vaults' contents to your recipients if you weren't' around. (Priceless)1

  • Up to 4 tags for recipient easy secure access to designated information to receive in the future. ($160 value)

  • Upload Legal Documents using provided Estate plan legal wizards. ($199 value)2

  • Personalized emergency cards for 2 adults w/ link to heath directive. ($55 value)3

  • Unlimited Vaults, multiple individual recipients for each vault.
  • Include "how to" access instructions to online websites and social media accounts with what you'd like done.
  • BONUS: Unlimited Notary.($1,297 value)

  1. Pricing in USD. Free trials will not be billed until the trial period expires.


    1  IronClad Family will automatically deliver your important information to designated recipients based on date, death or incapacitation.
    2  Lawyer-approved online estate planning documents (will, health directive, power of attorney) are provided for you as part of your subscription.
    3  A wallet-size health card is mailed to you with emergency contacts, health issues and a link to your health directive for limited access by EMS services and health providers.


What about the rest of us?

Do it Yourself

Up-to-Date Estate Planning

We recognize the significance of obtaining legal document templates that comply with the laws of your specific state. We make sure your documents are regularly updated to incorporate any changes in legislation. Our estate planning wizards consist of Wills, Power of Attorney, and Health Directive, each guiding you through a thoughtfully designed set of questions. In addition, we employ state-of-the-art digital time stamp technology, to guard against any potentially fraudulent activities or disputes in court.


Save Money

Without Compromising Quality

Hiring a professional to assist with your planning can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000. That's why we offer a range of resources to help you organize all your assets. Our services include funeral planning guides, estate planning wizards, health information cards, instructions for managing social media and online websites, finances for assets and liabilities, secure storage for crypto passwords, insurance policies, and personal instruction videos. And the best part? We deliver everything right to your recipients!

Privacy Matters

Zero-Knowledge Encryption

You have the choice to either write instructions on a piece of paper or store them in a file to share with your loved ones. Considering the utmost importance of your family's well-being, it is crucial to prioritize their security and privacy. To ensure this, we utilize encrypted vaults that are specifically designed for each recipient, guaranteeing they only receive exactly what you intended, and nothing more or less giving you peace of mind knowing they have what they need when they needed it the most!


Can a financial power of attorney sell property before death?

Absolutely, a financial power of attorney, much like the dedication we have at IronClad Family to protect your interests, can indeed sell property on your behalf before your passing. This legal document grants someone, your chosen agent, the authority to manage your financial affairs, which includes selling property. However, it's crucial to ensure that the power of attorney document explicitly authorizes such actions, and the agent must act in your best interests and within the legal constraints of the document. Financial power of attorney can be a valuable tool for managing your assets, especially if you become incapacitated, but it's essential to establish clear instructions and trust your agent to make informed decisions on your behalf.

Is a financial power of attorney valid after death?

Once a person passes away, their financial affairs transition to the management of their executor or personal representative, typically named in their will. The power of attorney authority is specific to managing finances during the individual's lifetime, and it ceases to have effect upon their demise. It's vital to have a clear understanding of the transition of responsibilities in estate planning, ensuring that your assets are handled according to your wishes both during your life and after your passing.

Who can override a power of attorney?

Certainly, understanding who can override a power of attorney is crucial when it comes to protecting your interests, just as we do at IronClad Family. Generally, the person who granted the power of attorney, known as the "principal," has the ultimate authority to override it at any time, as long as they have the legal capacity to make decisions. Additionally, a court can step in if there is evidence of abuse, fraud, or misconduct by the agent. The court may appoint a guardian or conservator to supervise or replace the agent. It's essential to have trust in your chosen agent and ensure that the power of attorney document is carefully drafted to align with your wishes while providing safeguards against misuse of authority.

Can a person with power of attorney sell property?

A person with power of attorney can indeed sell property on your behalf. This legal authority empowers them to manage your financial affairs, including real estate transactions, provided that the power of attorney document explicitly grants this specific power. However, it's essential to ensure that your chosen agent acts in your best interests and within the legal boundaries defined in the document. The agent must adhere to any conditions or limitations set forth, ensuring that the property sale aligns with your wishes and financial well-being.

Is financial power of attorney responsible for debt?

When you grant someone power of attorney, you're entrusting them with the authority to handle your financial affairs, which includes addressing outstanding debts. However, it's crucial to understand that the agent's responsibility is to manage the debts and financial obligations on your behalf, not to assume personal liability for those debts. They must act diligently, transparently, and in your best interests while complying with the legal constraints outlined in the power of attorney document. It's a tool designed to help you navigate financial matters effectively, but it doesn't make the agent personally responsible for your debts.


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Leave it to us and experience the ultimate peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones have easy access to everything they require, all in one convenient place, securely & easily. 

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