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Protect Your Valuable Documents from Fire and Water Damage

Important Documents Should Not be Stored in a Regular File Cabinet. 

Even Some Safes are not Fireproof or Even Water-Resistant.

Getting Fireproof Document Protection is the Most Cost Effective Way to Protect what Matters Instantly

Withstands Up to 2000F Temperature

Made with silicone coated fiberglass that has been proven to protect documents from long exposure to temperatures up to 2000F.

Fireproof AND Water-Resistant

Also, Water-Resistant - Comes with sealed zippers designed to survive water exposure in case of flooding or spillage accidents. 

Easy to Organize Documents

Size and color options to choose from with an added benefit of organizing the documents for home office or business use. 

Need Another Fireproof & Water-Resistant Bag to Gift to a Friend or Family Member?

Bundle and save when you order 2+ fireproof-Water-Resistant IronClad Family products for you and any other family member.

They will thank you for it!