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How Shortage Of Cyber Skills Increase Data Security Threat

The shortage of quality manpower in cybersecurity has become a serious concern for businesses worldwide. According to a recent report from ISSA (Information Systems Security Association), a not-for-profit international organization for information security practitioners and professionals, the shortage in this field is acute. The report also offers recommendations for effectively addressing the shortage and protecting digital assets globally. However, another report states that 77% of the chief information officers in the UK have expressed caution about a precarious situation regarding this shortage over the next five years, beginning in July 2016. They also predict a high rate of employment growth in this sector during this period.

The Global State of Information Security Survey 2016 by PwC reported an overall 38% increase in global security lapses in 2015, with two-thirds of large businesses in the US experiencing cyberattacks that year. These findings underline the pressing need for a robust digital security solution to safeguard your legacy in a safe and secure environment. This is where companies like IronClad Family have brought about significant improvements in the US and other parts of the world, including Europe. The company has introduced a range of measures based on the years of hands-on experience and expertise of its founding members.

The good news is that several reputable organizations worldwide are working towards a common goal of protecting your legacy. In fact, new systems and security solutions, such as the digital safe box, have become a reality in cyberspace. However, the major reasons for security lapses online have been attributed to the following factors:

  1. Nonalignment of business goals with security: As your business experiences increased sales, it handles more data, which can make the existing setup vulnerable to cyberattacks. In fact, 43% of respondents in a survey cite the nonalignment of business goals with security as the major reason for lapses in this area.

  2. Inadequate training and upgrades: Over time, every business needs to upgrade its systems and provide training to its personnel to handle larger volumes of data. This means both system upgrades and increased in-house or external training support are essential to keep employees up-to-date with recent developments in cyberspace. Additionally, businesses should regularly update their software to prevent vulnerabilities.

  3. Lack of automation: Organizations should aim for automation in the workplace, particularly concerning data management. Introducing more digital safe boxes can enhance security.

  4. Poor manpower planning: Just like any other aspect of your business, you should plan for an adequate workforce in advance.

The good news is that businesses worldwide are working tirelessly to protect your legacy. However, there is still much work to be done, and industries need a comprehensive plan to mitigate the ever-increasing online threats

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