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Protection  Devices That Alert you

Sometimes being protected just means that someone knows. Our protection devices incorporate location, fall-detection, real-time chat, geo-fencing, and more, all in a stylish package!

Medication reminder

Never forget to take your Medicine

Fall Detection SOS Emergency

Hold the SOS button for3 seconds to start emergency call

Protection Pendant

All the features that you would want in a protection pendant for your parent, elderly loved one, or challenged dependent:

- Real-time GpS
- Long life battery (7 day standby)
- Voice monitor
- Offline alert
- Low power alert
- Geo-fence alert
- USB Charger

All in a stylish pendant that can be worn on a lanyard or even just kept in a pocket. 

Protection Watch

A stylish watch with all of the features of our Protection Pendant, plus more!

- Real-time GPS
- Long life battery (4-5 day standby)
- Voice monitor
- Offline alert
- Low power alert
-Geo-fence alert
- USB charger


- Google Maps
- Touch screen display
- IP67 Waterproof 

Geo-Fence and Fast Alarm

Set a perimeter around any point and be alerted as soon as someone enters or leaves that area.


Empowering Loved Ones to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Built in heartrate and blood oxygenation sensors keep track of the wearer's health throughout the day.

Group 37022

Large Button for Emergency phone call

A simple press of a button connects them to you, an emergency service, or any other number you program into the watch.

SOS Alert

Group 37027
Group 37025

The Gift of Peace of Mind

Give your loved one this stylish, inconspicuous, and feature rich device today.

Group 37026

Long-Life Battery

You don't have to worry about charging these devices every day.  Depending on their use, they can last between 4-7 days on a single charge.  When it is time to charge, depending the power of the USB outlet you plug into, you can charge to 100%  in between 18-42 minutes. 

Group 37021 1

No Subscription Required

Some companies charge a monthly subscription for monitoring their device.  Our devices alert you directly, cutting down on the time it takes for you to be alerted that something happened and eliminating the need for a subscription.  You are in control!

Device Features

Water Proof

IPS67 Rating. Suitable for normal daily contact with water up to 3 feet in depth for up to 30 minutes.

Geo-Fence Alerts

You select a perimeter around any point and get alerted when that area is entered or exited.

1000mAh battery

Long-life batter that lasts between 4-7 days depending on usage.

Real Time Chat

Chat in real time with the wearer of the device. Chat can be initiated by them or you.

Magnetic Charging

Charging cable magnetically attaches to the back of the device so no worries about fumbling to insert a plug.

Loud Speaker

Our extra loud speaker makes it easy for those who might be losing their hearing to hear alarms and chat on the device.

People Often Ask

Do I need a subscription for this to work?

Is it difficult to program?

What happens if the battery dies?

How does Geofencing work?

Will this device work everywhere?

Can this be used while skydiving?

Read What Clients Think of Us

Here's what other had to say:

Jessica H

My son has dyspraxia and sometimes has difficulty following instructions. He is too old for a children's watch but loves the look of this watch, and I am always able to know where he is all the time.

Susan P.

My dad has fallen twice but wouldn't let us get him any help, until we bought him this watch. Now he wears it all the time!

Paul C.

We got the pendant for my mom. She lives alone about 2 hours away, so if something happened, we couldn't be there right away. With Pendant, she can instantly get a hold of us when ever she needs.

Protection Pendant w/GPS - Fall Detection - 4G LTE

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Protection Watch w/GPS - Fall Detection - 4G LTE

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