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What Happens to Your Digital Presence Upon Your Death?

What Happens to Your Digital Presence Upon Your Death?

Secure Your Digital Legacy with IronClad Family's Life Monitoring Platform

Nobody likes to contemplate mortality, yet we plan diligently for life's uncertainties. We draft wills, secure life insurance, and strive to ease transitions for our loved ones. But have you considered a life-monitoring platform?

What is a Life Monitoring Platform?

Functioning as insurance for your digital presence, a life monitoring platform allows you to store crucial digital information. When needed, your loved ones can seamlessly access this information, providing a comprehensive solution for the management of your digital footprint.

Your Digital Footprint

Your digital presence extends far beyond what you might realize. From secure medical app interactions to online banking and business transactions, a life monitoring platform ensures the safekeeping and accessibility of this information for your family and business partners, even after your passing.

Easy Access

Stored in a single, easily accessible location, the information within your life monitoring platform is automatically delivered to your family when required. No digital scavenger hunts—just instant access to the records you've left behind.

Encryption Security

IronClad Family's encryption security guarantees that your information remains protected until the designated release time. Your family receives the data precisely when needed, shielded from potential hackers or premature disclosure.

How Else Can IronClad Family Help?

As a comprehensive life monitoring platform, IronClad Family enables the secure organization and storage of vital information in encrypted vaults. You define the conditions triggering information release, offering you peace of mind through a thoughtfully developed plan. Whether you're an individual or a business, start your free trial today or contact us at 1-844-UR-Legacy for expert assistance in developing your plan.

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