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Only Available With IronClad Family

Insurance Agents  

Refer Your Clients to A Service That Enables Better Planning & Protection of Their Important Information  ...

AND Grow Your Business with Recurring Revenue!

Offer Your Clients Their Own Secure Digital Vaults for Better Protection of their Family Assets.

Family Blue Family Focused


Organized By Essential Aspects of a Family's Life





Security Blue Enhanced Security


All Information Is Encrypted Then Locked Inside Custom Vaults


Control Blue Full Control


Crypto Wallet Protection, Bank Accounts & Other Financial Assets








Legal Blue DIY Legal Documents


Online Will & Funeral Planning Wizards Included


Card Blue Emergency ID Cards


Personalized Emergency Cards W/ Link to Health Directive







tablet perspective - Scheduled Delivery



Calendar Blue Delivery as Directed


They Assign Recipients & Decide Who Gets What and When

Paid Caribbean Vacation for Two for Top Performers


Referring IronClad Family is EASY! We will reward top performers and a spouse by sending them to a fully paid Caribbean vacation all-inclusive for them to enjoy the outcome of their hard work.

Doesn't get any better than that!

Your Benefits as an IronClad Family Affiliated Agent

  • Get your own client referral link.
  • Get paid recurring commission for each client that starts a vault subscription.
  • Create a new revenue stream for your business.
  • Earn paid vacations!
insurance agent commission-1

Ready to Offer IronClad Family To Your Clients?


Help Protect Families.

Earn More Money!


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