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Your Family is Precious

Ensure they are ready for anything life throws their way.

Secure the future of your family's most valuable treasures - their stories, memories, finances, properties, estate, important documents, and digital legacy - starting today.

Your information is always secure with our zero-knowledge encryption system.




Real Protection for All Your Family Needs


Estate Planning

Organize & pass-on all online accounts, critical documents & personal wishes to people you trust and love. Per State online Will wizard is included.

Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning

Prepare for emergencies with an Emergency Card and/or an Emergency Vault with your wishes known. Ensure your family is fully ready for any unforeseen events.


Financial Planning

Securing your financial accounts isn't difficult, but you'll need to know what the risks are to protect against them, without forgetting where an asset is and how to access it.


End of Life Planning

You'll discover how having these conversations fosters unity and understanding among family members. Share your stories, memories, and values.

Powerful Features Designed For Your Protection

Digital Family Vaults & Estate Planning

  • Organize important documents in digital vaults accessible from anywhere.
  • Designate when and who received your information.
  • Protect your family with built-in estate planning wizards.
  • Guaranteed delivery to your recipients as you direct.
  • Enhanced encryption so that even we can't See it.
  • We will locate your recipients in the future if unreachable.
Ipad financial accounts

Emergency Planning

  • Easy to find lifesaving health Information.
  • List 2 individuals whom you trust and deem reachable in case of an emergency
  • List all your allergies and/or possible medicinal interactions.
  • Note any medical device, attachments (such as a pacemaker), or any devices needed to stay with you.
  • Upload a file such as health directive or any simple file with your wishes or instructions.

Financial Protection

  • Make a list of all your assets like stocks or banking accounts, but also Insurance Policies and titles to homes or vehicles. It's easy to forget where some of these are.
  • Ensure that family knows how to access the assets. That means that they know the company, website, account number, username, and password to access the assets.
  • Store this information in a place where you can get to it in and a crisis and if something happens to you, the information is accessible to those who you want it accessible.
  • Guaranteed delivery to your recipients as you direct.
  • Protect Crypto Wallet passwords and allow access for select family members (optional) to avoid loss of funds.

End of Life Planning

  • Fill out provided Funeral Planning guide.
  • Funeral Planning, financial documents, and legal paperwork can be overwhelming. The guide breaks the process down into manageable steps, making sure your family won't have to face unnecessary burdens during their time of grief.
  • Organize everything in digital vaults accessible from anywhere.
  • Designate when and who received your information.
  • Guaranteed delivery to your recipients as you direct.

Advanced Security Creates Peace of Mind

You work hard every day to protect loved ones. Make sure they have access to information essential for the family's survival anywhere.

  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption: Not all encryptions are equal. Unlike cloud storage, we cannot read information you upload. 
  • Unlimited Vaults: Use passphrases to lock information inside virtual vaults, then access, update, and share with family members.
  • Intelligent & Interactive: Designate who can see the information and schedule delivery of that information to loved ones if you desire.


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