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Don't Let Hackers Scan Your Credit Cards

An RFID-blocking Wallet is the Best Way to Keep Your Credit Cards Safe from Electronic Pickpocketing.

An IronClad Family wallet is manufactured to protect the information on your credit card, passport, etc. with the clever use of certain metals that block the radio waves being emitted by the skimming device. An RFID reader will still be able to emit radio waves, but it won’t be able to pick up the data on your credit card.


Get Your IronClad Family RFID-Blocking Wallet Today

Checkout the different styles for men and women.


To steer clear of the risk of skimming, get an RFID-blocking wallet to keep your credit card data secure. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase an RFID wallet now:

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Safer Than a Basic Wallet

Criminals are determined to get your information since it’s the essential “ingredient” for fraud & identity theft. An RFID-blocking wallet acts as a barrier between your credit card and a reader with inserted metals that interfere with the radio waves being emitted by the device.

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No Compromise with Style

The aesthetic of RFID wallets isn’t limited to metal. Some RFID wallets are made from a variety of materials with styles and colors that accommodate every taste. If you like looking fashionable and you still want to keep your personal information safe, you have many options to choose from in our store.

Protect Your Identity Starting Today!

If you own credit cards with RFID chips, you need to use an RFID wallet to ensure your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. 

What Else Can I Do to Keep My Cards Secure?

Once you have your IronClad Family RFID-protected wallet, you should be in the clear. There are some additional steps that you can take to protect your identity and money.


Switch From Back Pocket to Front Pocket

You're more likely to see someone trying to scan your cards (or pickpocket them) from the front.


Know your Credit Card Company Phone Numbers

Add the customer service / fraud report numbers to your contact list, if you see suspicious activity, let your provider know sooner rather than later.


Inform Your Card Company of Travel Dates

By letting them know that you're going to be out of town, you're less likely to get your cards accidentally frozen.


Shop Securely Online

Try to shop through trusted retailers and always look for the little lock symbol in the address bar before entering your credit card information online.

We Also Carry RFID Blocking Passport Holders

The IronClad Family RFID-Blocking Collection comes in different styles, sizes, materials and colors. They are designed for all kinds of tastes and preferences. Being Safe does not mean you hate how your wallets or passport holders looks.


Bundle and Save


Order More RFID-Shielded Wallets & Passport Holders for Family Members and Save!