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Collection of 10 Best Alan Jackson Funeral Songs

Country songs have a vibe that moves the listeners, and some singers are synonymous with country music, like Alan Jackson. His rich and deep voice is ideally suited for country music. 

Although he has forayed into other music genres, he seems best suited for country music.

Jackson is a songwriter himself. Thus, he brings his neo-traditional country penning out well. He has delivered numerous albums covering multiple subjects.

Moreover, his heart-felt songs are selected and played by people at funerals to pay homage to the departed souls. Therefore, many people search for Alan Jackson's funeral songs as he has numerous songs that suit the occasion.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind the taste of your loved one while making a funeral playlist. Nevertheless, Jackson has delivered numerous tunes you can play for a funeral.

Here are the top Alan Jackson funeral songs.

Top Funeral Songs by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson has numerous numbers on his credit that can become part of any funeral procession. However, it is a daunting task for individuals who have recently lost a loved one to gather their thoughts around compiling a list of funeral songs.

Therefore, singers like Alan Jackson come in handy with their classic words, music, and tone. As has words matching funeral requirements.

So, let us have top Alan Jackson funeral songs.

  • Sissy's Son

The song was part of the famous 'Good Time' album released in 2008. Alan wrote this song to remember a woman who had worked with her. The lyrics make this song a perfect fit for a funeral, as it is a comforting reminder of your lost one. 

Furthermore, the opening line, 'Why did she have to go?' sets the perfect tone for words to follow. Likewise, this song is suited for someone who left for eternity at a young age.

Another top line from the song, 'She flew up to heaven on the wings of angels,' is a heartwarming discourse of letting your emotions out.

The song closes out with 'Don't worry 'bout me.'

  • Drive (For Daddy Gene)

Released in 2002 under the album 'Drive,' this song was an instant hit. Alan wrote this song in memory of his late father. He recalls driving around the countryside with his father in an old beat-up truck. Therefore, the song has a personal emotional touch to its lyrics and is perfect for the older man's funeral.

The song opens with traditional light country music before Alan's beautiful voice echoes: 'It's painted red, the stripe was white.' The song focuses on a young boy's voyage in a plywood boat with his father.

  • I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You

This is a short song with a solid message from 'Precious Memories' of Alan Jackson's 2006 album. One of the most beautiful lines from the song goes, 'I want to stroll over Heaven with you some glad day,' which makes it a perfect song for any funeral gathering.

Moreover, the song has beautiful lyrics that perfectly resemble a funeral, and its soft music and less runtime make it a good option for your funeral playlist.

Furthermore, it is a famous song for funerals nationwide and can quickly become the first song on your playlist.

  • It's Just That Way

It is a beautiful song released in 2010 through the album 'Freight Train.' The songs shed light on daily life routines and portray how some things are meant to happen in our routines. 'It's just that way' is the line about death; thus, you can shortlist this artistry piece for the funeral.

One of the top lines from the song 'Man, in the Moon, comes out to Play' beautifully resonates with how unpredictable life is and there is no way around death.

Moreover, its soft tone and light guitar will affect the gathering emotionally.

  • Sweet Hour of Prayer

It is a hymn written by William W. Walford, and it focuses on the power of prayer to God to help you heal the sorrows of the past. Therefore, it is becoming an excellent fit for funerals. It was released in 2013 and has a beautiful beginning with light music and bright lyrics.

The song has beautiful lines, but 'In seasons of distress and grief, my soul has often found relief' stands out. Thus making it one of the best Alan Jackson funeral songs. So, you can easily pick this song to pay tribute to the departed soul.

  • As Lovely as You

Sometimes, a person's worth only becomes evident when we lose them. 'As Lovely as You' is a song about a desire to reunite. The song was released in 2006 through his album Like Red on a Rose.

The line 'for your love has found me, and it feels so right' stands out and can easily fit into any funeral playlist. Although lengthy, it can easily become part of a funeral service.

  • Monday Morning Church

The album 'What I Do' this song was released in 2004 and perfectly portrays the aftermath of losing someone close. It also has featured artists in Patty Loveless, thus offering a different flavor to the song.

Since the song questions the faith of the person who has lost his wife, it is a good choice for funerals. Likewise, the line 'cause I can't seem to talk to God without yelling anymore' stands out.' Moreover, it has a short run time; thus, if you want something short, this song should be on your playlist.

  • Look at Me

Since nothing is more heartbreaking than losing the love of your life, the song celebrates how love can transcend and change everything. It was released in 2010 in the album '34 Number Ones'.

The lyrics of the song suit funerals and can easily become such a playlist. Moreover, the emotions will flow out with this beautifully crafted and delivered tune.

  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Released in 2006, you can select and play it amongst Alan Jackson funeral songs. Although it is a rendition of Joseph Scriven's original song, it is equally loveable as it is set in a melancholic tune.

The music and tunes have placed it amongst the top country funeral songs. Therefore, becomes a good option while setting out such a playlist.

  • I'd Love You All Over Again

It is one of the classic love songs, which shows how love can make people the best version of themselves. The song emotionally builds how someone would fall in love if it were meant to be.

The lyrics, music, tune, and singing easily make it an excellent choice for any funeral playlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alan Jackson's songs good for funerals?

Alan Jackson has several songs that can suit funerals. Moreover, his songs are already popular among countryside societies for funerals.

Can I select any Alan Jackson song for a funeral?

Although Alan Jackson has many songs that meet funeral requirements, not all his songs are meant for funerals. Therefore, you must only select those songs that resonate with the funeral procession.

What are the top Alan Jackson funeral songs? 

Here are the top Alan Jackson funeral songs.

  • Sissy's Song
  • I want to stroll over heaven with you
  • Remember when
  • Drive (for daddy gene)
  • Sweet hour of prayer

What is the most played country song at a funeral?

Here are top country songs played at funerals.

  • The River by Garth Brooks
  • I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack
  • Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill
  • I Saw God Today by George Strait
  • I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice

Parting Thoughts

Alan Jackson's funeral songs are some of the best from a single singer, as he has numerous tunes that perfectly suit the occasion. Although it is always a daunting task to compile a playlist for a funeral, Alan Jackson's songs are perfect country music.

Therefore, we compiled a list of his best songs that many love and can easily fit into your playlist. Moreover, you can also add other songs based on the choice of your departed loved ones.

If you need assistance in planning a meaningful and personalized farewell, consider our funeral planning services. We can help you during this challenging time, as seeing off a closed one is a lot of pain.

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