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Digital Protection for Families

Easy-to-Use Security Tools for You and Your Family

Prepare your family for all events, whether planned or unexpected by securing important assets so they're accessible to them from anywhere, anytime. 

The IronClad Family Digital Protection Platform

Digital Protection for All Aspects of a Family's Life

Family Blue Family Focused


Organized By Essential Aspects of a Family's Life








Security Blue Enhanced Security

Your Information Is Encrypted Then Locked Inside Custom Vaults


Control Blue Full Control

Protect Your Crypto Wallet, Bank Accounts & Other Financial Assets









Legal Blue DIY Legal Documents


Will, Health Directive & Power of Attorney Wizards Included


Card Blue Emergency ID Cards

Personalized Emergency Cards W/ Link to Health Directive Included







tablet perspective - Scheduled Delivery



Calendar Blue Delivery as Directed

You Decide Who Gets What and When


Advanced Security Creates Peace of Mind

You work hard every day to protect loved ones. Make sure they have access to information essential for the family's survival anywhere.

  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption: Not all encryptions are equal. Unlike cloud storage, we cannot read information you upload. 
  • Unlimited Vaults: Use passphrases to lock information inside virtual vaults, then access, update, share with family members.
  • Intelligent & Interactive: Designate who can see the information and schedule delivery of that information to loved ones if you desire.

We Include Everything You Need!

CENTRALIZE & SECURE your most important information, including:
  • Unlimited Vaults
  • Delivery of any Vault Content to Anyone You Designate
  • Built-in Estate Documents
  • Include Financial Accounts
  • Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet's Private Key
  • Protect NFT's
  • Upload Legal Documents
  • Upload Personal & Business Information
  • Upload Photos and Videos
  • Get Personalized Emergency Cards for 2 adults' w/ option to link to heath directive.
  • Add Instructions/Video Message for Special Wishes

WE WILL PROTECT IT ALL and make sure it gets to the right people at the right time!



Pricing in USD. Free trials will not be billed until the trial period expires.


1  IronClad Family will automatically deliver your important information to designated recipients based on date, death or incapacitation.
2  Lawyer-approved online estate planning documents (will, health directive, power of attorney) are provided for you as part of your subscription.
3  A wallet-size health card is mailed to you with emergency contacts, health issues and a link to your health directive for limited access by EMS services and health providers.
4  An Ironclad Family Coach will be available via phone/text for 14 days, to ensure you have secured everything your family needs and made it accessible to them.

try our digital protection platform for free

14-day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required

Then just, 

$ 99 / Year
Includes all of the following features:
  • Upload documents by category such as personal, legal, health, financial and more
  • Unlimited Vaults, multiple individual recipients for each vault
  • Option for automatic release of vaults’ contents as directed1

  • Estate plan legal documents included ($199 value)2

  • Personalized emergency cards for 2 adults w/ link to heath directive ($40 value)3

  • Designate assets and liabilities with instructions on how to manage either
  • Include access instructions to websites and social media accounts
  • Option to add personal coach for 14 days when you upgrade4

Powerful Features Designed For Your Protection


Encrypt, Upload & Access from Anywhere

Unlimited Vaults - Organized in categories reflecting areas families need protection so you'd have one less thing to worry about.


Estate Documents Included

Access to easy-to-use online wizards to create wills, powers of attorney, and Healthcare directives are included for you to update as needed for one year!


Emergency Cards Included

Wallet cards are mailed to you with emergency contacts, health issues and a link to your health directive in case of an emergency.


Automated Delivery Included

Interactive & Secure- Schedule delivery of your information to predetermined recipients, on your terms! Can static storage do that?

 Too Busy? Need Help?

Let Us Do it for You! 

We'll scan your documents for you, upload them, setup your vault, and then send them back to you inside one of our Fireproof-Waterproof pouches to safeguard your documents at home.

Do it For Me - Learn More
Courtney and Boys-1

As the mother of two young boys, IronClad Family takes one more thing off my plate and lets me rest easier knowing that in case of any event, my boys will still know me, know about their family, and their caregivers will know where everything is."

- Courtney M.

Mikkel Thorup_019-1-1

As a trusted advisor, I offer the IronClad Family service to my clients to protect their investments and build a relationship between myself and their family."

– Mikkel Thorup
Financial Advisor

What Steps Have You Taken to Ensure Your Family is Protected?

Learn what documents are most important, how to avoid probate, and how to use technology to secure it all.


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Mentions & Awards


Securing Your Family Assets Today Protects Their Tomorrow

Make sure they have everything they need, when they need it most with an innovative digital protection platform.